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What is Allynetwork?

Ally Network is a big decentralized ecosystem that merges various kind of igaming events into one decentralized network.

Lots of available options to choose from while using the platfofrm ranging from casino games, roulette , dice, chess , solataire, blackjack , horse raising to virtual football using our utility token called Ally Network Token (ALLY).
Stakers on our platform will be able to convert their bitcoin or altcoins into ALLY on exchanges then deposit into our platform to carry out a wager in a free and fair environment.

What features makes Ally Network unique...

Excellent gaming

platform and UI

Seamless ecosystem

for our users

ALLY loyalty reward

program for VIP

Inbuilt Exchange for Winnings

conversions and tokens purchase

Business Model

Ally has a promising business model that gives the community confidence of a lifetime platform as Ally team does not interfere with the system or wagers being placed by our customers, We also integrates traditional chess and card games with recreational activities into the world of cryptocurrency.
This also brings together the participALLYs of these events and the two communities of encr ypted investors. More users will recognize and support ALLY.

Lower Costs

Whether playing in fiat or cryptocurrency, fees for small transactions can approach an appreciable size of the transaction itself, the Ally Network platform plans to roll out CryptoGo, its proprietary implementation of state channel (payment channel)​1​ technology to eliminate the need for wallets or deposits by facilitating instALLY wagers and payouts, using off-chain transactions. Normal gas fees for Ethereum blockchain transactions can therefore be greatly reduced.


All Ally Network games are third-party tested and licensed. In addition, the Ally Network platform will be enabled for provably fair operation. Blackjack, roulette, and card game players will be able to independently challenge ALLY wagered outcomes with a provably fair tool and review the game resolution source.

For slot games, where the IP and mathematics of the game are proprietary, Ally Network is considering alternative methods to engender anonymous trust.

iGaming Environment

With a variety of game platform templates and functions, users can easily create their own game platforms based on without programming and deployment. Based on block chain technology, community information, user information and ecological economic rules are written into the block chain to promote the spread of ecological value.

Introductory presentation of the Ally Network Platform by CEO

Road Map


Roby Manuel
C E O & Founder Of AllyNetwork

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Mike Moore
CTO/Head Of Web Development

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Davis Albert
Digital Marketing Specialist And Expert

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Jonathan Weaver
Marketing Head/Campaign Manager

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